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Officer Corporate Finance - Valuation

Date Posted: 25 October 2023

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Job Description

Valuation Analysis: Perform valuation assessments for a wide range of assets, including businesses, securities, and intangible assets.

Financial Modeling: Create and maintain complex financial models to determine the value of assets and businesses, utilizing various approaches such as income, market, and cost-based methods.

Data Collection: Gather and analyze financial and economic data, market research, and industry trends to support valuation analyses.

Report Preparation: Prepare detailed valuation reports that communicate findings and recommendations to clients, management, or relevant stakeholders.

Fairness Opinions: Conduct fairness opinion analyses for clients considering mergers, acquisitions, or other strategic actions.

Risk Assessment: Evaluate risks associated with various valuation methods and assumptions, and recommend risk mitigation strategies.

Regulatory Compliance: Ensure that valuations are compliant with relevant accounting, legal, and regulatory requirements.

Stakeholder Communication: Collaborate with clients, legal teams, and financial advisors to explain and defend valuation methodologies, results, and conclusions.

Documentation: Maintain accurate records, data sources, and documentation of valuation work for audit and compliance purposes.

Continuous Learning: Stay up-to-date with industry best practices, market trends, and evolving valuation standards.

Functional Area

  • Valuation


  • CA


  • Good Communication Skills, Good Academics


  • Accounting / Auditing

Job Details

  • Location
  • Employment Status
  • Experience
    0.00 yr - 3.00 yr

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